Sacred Journey Into My Heart

Sacred Journey Into My Heart 💚

Exploring the depths of my heart, listening to divine guidance, and finding empowerment on this sacred journey. Uncovering purpose and fulfillment within.

Moon Calendar

2022 Moon Days Why do we honor the moon days? The moon affects the waters of our earth, and our bodies are made up of water, so we too are affected by the cycle of the moon. Therefore in Ashtanga yoga on moon days, we take a different type of practice. We honor the body ... Moon Calendar

Spring Clean Your Practice

For many of us, life changed in an instant when the pandemic hit, and at its one-year-anniversary, we’re reflecting on how life was upended. We might be looking back at all we’ve lost—people, time, travel, places, serenity, sanity, individuality, space (mental and physical)—and we might also be taking stock of all we’ve gained—a new perspective, ... Spring Clean Your Practice

Holding Space

Holding Space

What Exactly is ‘Holding Space’? You might think of Holding Space as just the job of the teacher, but in reality, we all play a part in this sacred act. In his podcast episode on Holding Space, J. Brown interviews Heather Plett, the author of The Art of Holding Space: A Practice of love, liberation, ... Holding Space

Comfort Recipe

Comfort Recipe for Grounding In the early morning the day before the Super Pink Full Moon inLibra, I woke at 1:30am wide awake with a chest feeling full of anxiety.  As I laid in the bed managing my breath, I asked myself “who’s anxiety is this”?. It wasn’t long before I realized that it wasn’t ... Comfort Recipe

More on Mysore

Student Questions on Mysore Practice Why does practice have to be so freaking early in the morning (6 am)? There are a lot of different reasons as to why practice begins so early. Before the sunrise are the quiet hours of the morning. There’s very little activity going on during this time. Computers haven’t been ... More on Mysore

Camel Pose

Ushtrasana This month’s pose was chosen by student, Tiffany Wimmer. Ustrasana, also known as camel pose, is a really challenging position for me. I am very tight in the front line of my body, and very protective of my heart space. Considering how tight I am, this pose can easily create a tremendous amount of ... Camel Pose

Trini Position

3rd Position of Sun A This month’s pose was chosen by student, Michelle Rose. Here is Michelle’s perspective: What I love about it: There is so much in this one little movement, and I can usually find mula bandha pretty quickly here. What I find challenging about it: With the very first trini, I know ... Trini Position

Reclined Bound Angle Pose

Supta BaddhakonasanA This month’s pose was chosen by students, Nicole & Ashton. about Ashton: My name is Ashton. I am 3. I like watching PJ Masks, flying my kite, and playing outside with my brother. Nicole is my mommy. about Nicole: I’m a full-time freelance writer and editor. I’ve been fortunate enough to write for ... Reclined Bound Angle Pose