Our Minds, Our Emotions, & Liberation Through Stillness

Practice in and of itself is a form of discipline (tapas).  It's effort and work.  And with anything that takes as much effort as consistent practice, sometimes the discipline can be or feel binding because of deeply ingrained patterns. 

Freedom and Liberation Through the Lens of Yoga

When we practice with consistency and devotion, as Patanjali says is a necessity, we’re able to learn how to control what Patanjali calls the “fluctuations” of our minds. In other words, our yoga practice helps us learn about why we are the way we are. Our practice can help free us from many things: our selves, others, the confines of this world.

Freedom From Ourselves

In our yoga practice, we learn to deal with these habits of grasping and aversion by noticing our immediate reactions, our clinging and our pushing away. We take a step back to just watch, unattached, observant, still and silent, without judgment.  Then we let these feelings go.


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