Want to understand yourself and your body on a deeper level?

I encourage curiosity, consistency and self-challenge

So you can truly grow both on and off the mat

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Find new levels of joy in your movement practice with my Ashtanga Mysore, Ashtanga Led Primary, Flow Yoga, and private classes. 

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Journey deeper into yoga as a practitioner or teacher with my 200hr Teacher Trainings, Yoga Intensives, and Yoga Immersions.



Take your yoga teaching skills to the next level with my Mysore Mentorship, Mysore Apprenticeship, and New Teacher Mentorship.

I want to teach you how to live your yoga in every aspect of your life

My purpose is to guide people along their yogic journey with loving compassion, openness, empowerment and encouragement.

Yoga is a sacred dance, a ritual that allows you to reflect upon the self in a way that permeates growth in the most positive way. The practice is in the bigger picture of space and the sacredness is in everything we do.

"Jade has helped me live a more meaningful life..."

“Jade has transformed my practice since I first walked into the Mysore room over 3 years ago. Beginning with physical adjustments to help with alignment and strength building, Jade gained my trust as a teacher quickly by her ability to address my body's personal needs. My practice transformed from a physical practice to a spiritual one when I began my YTT with Jade. I have taken the lessons from Jade in the Mysore room and YTT and brought them into my everyday life. Since I began this journey with Jade, I've found myself better equipped to handle life stresses, slow down and let go of attachments, and focus on the immediate tasks at hand. Jade has helped provide me with the skills I needed to be a better version of myself and live a more meaningful life.” ~ Brittany

Sharing dharma

Here, you'll find blogs about my experiences on and off the mat, questions from students, anatomy tips, Ayurveda, breath practices, philosophy, and whatever other juicy tidbits one could need!

Our Minds, Our Emotions, & Liberation Through Stillness

Freedom and Liberation Through the Lens of Yoga

When we practice with consistency and devotion, as Patanjali says is a necessity, we’re able to learn how to control what Patanjali calls the “fluctuations” of our minds. In other words, our yoga practice helps us learn about why we are the way we are. Our practice can help free us from many things: our selves, others, the confines of this world.

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Freedom From Ourselves

In our yoga practice, we learn to deal with these habits of grasping and aversion by noticing our immediate reactions, our clinging and our pushing away. We take a step back to just watch, unattached, observant, still and silent, without judgment.  Then we let these feelings go.

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