2024 - Kindness, Direction, Wonder

Walking into 2024 with Kindness, Direction, and Wonder

There’s a children’s book that I started to read to my daughter.  The title is ‘The boy, the mole, the fox, and the horse’ by Charlie Mackesy.  She LOVES this book!  By the way, every ADULT needs to read this book!  It’s a beautiful story about friendship, kindness, love, and navigating some of life’s difficult moments.  

Freedom and Liberation Through the Lens of Yoga


When we practice with consistency and devotion, as Patanjali says is a necessity, we’re able to learn how to control what Patanjali calls the “fluctuations” of our minds. In other words, our yoga practice helps us learn about why we are the way we are. Our practice can help free us from many things: our selves, others, the confines of this world.

Freedom From Ourselves


In our yoga practice, we learn to deal with these habits of grasping and aversion by noticing our immediate reactions, our clinging and our pushing away. We take a step back to just watch, unattached, observant, still and silent, without judgment.  Then we let these feelings go.

Moon Calendar


2022 Moon Days Why do we honor the moon days? The moon affects the waters of our earth, and our bodies are made up of water, so we too are affected by the cycle of the moon. Therefore in Ashtanga yoga on moon days, we take a different type of practice. We honor the body Moon Calendar