Home vs. Studio

Home Practice vs. Studio Practice home practice Pros You don’t have to leave the house! That means you don’t have to get up extra early and your “studio” is right there waiting for you. When you don’t have a teacher present, you’re kind of forced to think more about what you are doing and where ... Home vs. Studio


 Reset “We can always begin again.” – Jack Kornfield Stand with both feet together Softly engage the legs Elongate the spine Bring the navel gently towards the spine Explore your neutral pelvis position Gently lift the heart space Bring chin parallel to the earth Let the arms rest by your side Gently energize fingertips towards ... Samasthiti

Practice in Action

How do we put our practice into action right now? By putting our practice at the heart of our life. Think about it: the heart is one of the foundations of our bodies. It’s part of our very life force. When we put “heart” into something, we’re giving it our all. For myself, I’ve realized ... Practice in Action