Yoga Training Intensives 

Dive deeper into your practice with collective energy

Next Intensive: Sunday, February 25, 2024

Why do an intensive?

There's enormous value in understanding other people’s perception of practice. It’s about going further — learning more about why we practice, in a collective energy, where we can explore with experience, newness, the unknowing to the knowing, with openness, curiosity, and devotion.

What exactly is a yoga training intensive? 

Intensives explore in-depth aspects of yoga, such as anatomy, breath practices, group work, practice-teaching, and yoga philosophy. These courses provide continuing education credits (CEUs) for practitioners that are currently teaching in the world.

They include weekend modules that could span over an extended period of time. The time in between each module will allow for the practices to take shape and settle. This creates space for self-pacing, reflections, and open discussion. All intensives are set up with a forum for group discussions throughout, to keep us connected to what we're learning during and in between intensive modules. 

"Above and beyond my expectations..."

“Entirely, this training was phenomenal and went above and beyond my expectations! There was incredible thought and care put into each training activity and exercise, as well as the homework and reading assignments. Jade has a true passion for her practice and teaching and it was truly inspiring!” ~ Lindsay Cross

Why do an intensive with Jade? 

  • Jade Skinner has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15+ years. She lives what she teaches and practices what she shares.   
  • Her teaching style has deep roots within the Ashtanga Yoga lineage.  
  • You'll not only learn about the tradition, rituals, guidelines, theory and philosophy of practice, you’ll also learn about modern day approach and the practicality of it all.  
  • Jade offers subtle reminders to encourage her students to be open, non-judging, curious and maintain presence.
  • Students who study with Jade gain more knowledge of the practice, living your yoga, and walk away feeling confident in what they're practicing. 
  • All of her learning platforms invite open discussion, shared experiences, group work, and observation and application.

"Jade is a guiding light for the yoga community..."

“Jade is an incredible teacher and truly lives a yogic life which in turn shines through her teacher training. She has many years of knowledge and throughout the training I felt safe, in control and clear about what was required. This training was truly life changing and one that I recommend to anyone looking to deepen their practice. Jade is a guiding light for the yoga community.” ~ Amanda Crosby

Who are intensives for? 

These yoga intensives are open to, but not limited to, dedicated teachers and students with an established Ashtanga practice. They're aimed at those who wish to expand their knowledge of the Ashtanga yoga method  approached from a traditional and modern day perspective meshed together.

How intensives work

  • Offerings are anywhere from 4-6 hrs per intensive
  • Each intensive consists of a 1-3 days 
  • Space is limited to 20 participants. 
  • You'll gain CEUs upon completion of the course.  


Body Electric Yoga
3015 7th St. North
St. Petersburg, FL 33704

"Very special and life changing..."

"Very grateful to have the opportunity to attend a course led by Jade Skinner. Jade has a special way of sharing her love and compassion for yoga with her students! She makes it very special and life changing.” ~ Scott Temples

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