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This seems to be the topic of many conversations lately. With all that is going on in the world as a whole, within our own country and inside our selves on a small scale, how does one stay resilient in times of adversity and fear?

We always talk about non-attachment in yoga, releasing what no longer serves you, and to not chase. It’s way easier to say all the things and pretend like we’re living those truths, but how many of us really know how? The fear lays within the emotional connections that we have to all things that bind us to this life. How many of us take a moment to sit with our thoughts before responding? Do you think about the deep interpersonal relationships that you have with everything and everyone?

The year 2020 has brought a lot of shit to the surface, stirred the pots of emotions hard core and many true colors have come brightly shining through. The mix up of emotional ties has caused so much chaos. Practicing patience and giving yourself permission to release from those emotional ties is liberating. Taking time to fill our cup with people and things that nourish the soul, fuel the body and heal the heart is what makes us stronger. Doing the things we love and are passionate about is so important for our spirits.

Let that love inspire your movement practices, so it can continue to inspire your life. The less unnecessary stuff we hold on to, the more resilient we become. It keeps us light and frees up space so we can hold more in times of need. So the next time you find yourself all up in an emotional shit storm, take a sacred pause and ask yourself “how much of this is mine”?

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