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That sounds pretty crazy, right? I know, but humor me.

Recently, I was driving around, and all I could think about was how the world is so “disconnected” when it comes to human connection. Think about it: much of our time is spent with half of our faces covered. There’s real, physical distance between so many of us — even family and friends that we cherish! Physical touch with people outside our immediate household is virtually gone, and it’s affecting us.

We’re humans though, and one thing we have done generation after generation, is adapt. Today, adaptation looks like finding new ways to connect on Zoom, social media, email, and virtual groups to stay connected to friends and family when physical interaction is not available.

Still, it doesn’t seem like an equal trade at all, does it? Digital connection isn’t a substitute for a hug, or lunch at your favorite restaurant with a dear friend. And digital connection really isn’t meant to replace in-person connection. Hence the term, “connected disconnection.” Covid 19 is changing us. It’s changing the way we interact with one another.

But Covid 19 is also doing something else: it’s changing how we connect to those we are able to be with in person. It’s making me cherish and value who I spend time with & how we spend that time together. This isn’t to say I didn’t value it before. I did, and I know you did too! But the way Covid 19 is limiting our interaction, it’s really made me see the beauty and sacredness in those personal connections that we get to experience.

Maybe it’s because I’m not so busy running from one interaction to the next. Maybe it’s because I’m only seeing a few people now, rather than a multitude. Maybe it’s the absence of physical connection in general that’s making me really value the time that I do get to spend with a selected few in person.

Maybe it’s a combination of everything!

What I do know is that connection is important. It’s what we humans are all about! In good times and in bad, in a pandemic and not in a pandemic, we must find ways to connect with others. Right now, we have to be creative, but that’s okay. Like I said before, we are adaptable. We’ve been programmed to evolve. Yes, it can be awkward and hard and it takes some trial and error, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

My hope is that you’re adjusting to these new ways of connecting and that you’re also really relishing in the time you get to spend with those special people dear to your heart. Remember, your mat is always there for you! And so am I. See you soon.

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