New Teacher Mentorship

Develop your new teaching skills

Why choose this mentorship?

If you're a new teacher fresh out of your Yoga Teacher Training, you might be looking for further guidance on your new teaching skillsets. Through this mentorship program with Jade you'll also experience personal growth as we explore your development as a teacher.  

Who is it for?

This program is for yoga teachers who have recently completed their teacher training. 

How it works 

  • This is a 5-month mentorship program.
  • As a mentee on this learning platform, you'll be mentored under the guidance of 3 seasoned teachers.
  • You'll be able to work 1:1 for a month on language, owning your craft, sequencing, modifications, classroom settings, studio ethics and guidelines, and community engagement. 
  • The program also requires attendance for one weekend per month as we explore the development of you as a teacher.
  • This program is for personal growth and self-development as a student and new teacher. Classroom teaching opportunities are not offered once the program is completed.
  • The program is limited to 7 teachers.

"Jade seamlessly sheds light on the practice..."

"Jade brings a multi-faceted awareness to her classes and workshops, which enables her to work with practitioners from a wide-array of backgrounds and capabilities. She displays a working knowledge of the depth of yoga, and weaves philosophy and insight into physical movement. Jade’s practice, dedication and experience informs her teaching. This is how she seamlessly sheds light and brings understanding to the practice, including its difficulties and triumphs." ~ Amy Lucky

What you'll learn

  • Teaching skillsets: language, communication, observation, application
  • Observation: seeing beyond the external layers
  • Sequencing: connecting the dots
  • Holding space: multi-level teaching, building relationships
  • Anatomy: why it’s important for you to know
  • Philosophy: living your yoga


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Your investment



Full Tuition

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"It feels a lot like family..."

"Jade's passion for teaching, learning and holding space radiates the moment you begin to work with her. Being diverse in her movement practices, she is intuitive in guiding a movement practice that works for all levels and body types - whether it's kettlebells, Ashtanga yoga, paddling or breathing techniques. Practicing under Jade has not only changed the way I practice but how I look at the practice. She creates a supportive atmosphere in the Mysore room and in turn, created a community of practitioners. It feels a lot like family - not a competition." ~ Alix Emery

How to book

Please submit the application form below to be considered for this mentorship program. More details of the program will be provided once you've been accepted.