Nourish Your Soul - St Pete, FL

Full Price: $397

Nourish Your Soul Retreat: St. Petersburg, Florida

Nourish Your Soul Retreats are for ANYONE who is seeking to explore personal self-development and self-care practices 💜. This is the time to give back to your soul.

I hear so many people speaking about all the different ways they want to care for themselves, but can’t seem to find the time to explore them. It can be really challenging to get away for a full week or weekend at that. I’m listening and I hear your call.

Join me for 1-full day that will fill your cup and integrate your body, mind, spirit through soul nourishing practices. Explore mindful intention setting that will give depth to your overall experience. Learn how guided meditation can help with focus. Practice yoga in an inclusive welcoming space. Find joy in cooking a meal with mantra and prayer. Bathe your senses in sound bath. Gain an understanding of how to implement simple breath practices into your daily life. Uncover the depth behind self-care and the profound healing effects it can have on stress, anxiety, mental health, immune disorders, and chronic illnesses.

If you would like to reserve your space NOW, click the link below and shoot me a message.  Looking forward to sharing this sacred experience with YOU!

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