Ashtanga Workshops with Jade

Ashtanga Workshops with Jade Skinner

Are you ready to dive into the intricacies of the Ashtanga Method?

Daily practice takes devotion, and let’s not forget about the required physical, mental, and emotional work.  The more you practice, the more curious you become about how it all works, right?!  The questions of how/when/why to do a pose, get into or out of a pose, where the breath is, and transitions become endless! And what about the after-effects that arise and understanding how to navigate it all?  Getting those questions answered in the classroom can be challenging, sometimes leaving us feeling stuck.  If you feel this way, then let’s change that!  If you’re simply curious, then let’s explore a little more!

I’ve curated a series of mini-workshops to help you unpack the practice layer by layer.  You are starting with the “why” behind the practice. This series will tap into the subtleties of movement and its profound impact on your overall practice.  We’ll uncover the ‘secret’ to floating in and out of Asana.  You’ll have the opportunity to explore other areas of the practice that may seem so far out of reach in this lifetime, yet possible.  Take a peek into 2nd and 3rd series and more!  Let’s not forget sprinkling in tidbits of philosophy to tie it all together.  Are you getting excited?

What You Will Learn


July 20 – Subtle Body: A Journey into the 5 koshas (sheaths), that’s within every body. Beginning with the gross physical layer down to the deepest, most subtle layer of our being.  This workshop will uncover the individual role that each sheath plays in our practices.

Aug 17 – Sthira Sukham Asanam: The Seat of the Asana.  How do we arrive at a place of comfort, steadiness, and ease with stillness in mind, softness in breath, and calmness in the body?  Let’s unpack the depth of this Sutra 2.46, in action.

Oct 19 – Foundational Poses: I’m sure you’ve heard a teacher say “One posture leads to the next”.  There’s a lot of truth to that statement.  The more your practice unfolds before you, the better you become at connecting the dots.  Every series in the Ashtanga method is built off of a set of foundational postures. These foundational postures lay the groundwork for our understanding of how to navigate the practice safely and intelligently.

Nov 9 (12:00-2:30 pm) – Led Practice vs Mysore: There is a lot of value in learning the Ashtanga Method in the traditional Mysore setting of 1:1 instruction.  There is also a lot of value in learning the Ashtanga Method where all bodies are synchronized in movement.  You might be asking yourself why is one more encouraged than the other.  This session will introduce you to the traditional vinyasa count as a dristi point for the mind and cadence for the breath.


Jan 18 – The Ritual of Vinyasa: The term “Vinyasa” translates to the union of breath and movement.  In the Ashtanga practice, each posture has a very specific number of Vinyasas to complete before moving on to the next pose.  If you think of the word “ritual”, it means an action performed by our bodies in connection with our spirit!  This is how we tap into the magic of our practice.  You don’t want to miss this one!

Mar 1 – The Art of Floating: Do you find yourself wondering how some people look like they are floating in their practice?  It might seem like this is impossible, but let me reassure you that anything is possible with the right mindset.  It’s a skill that requires consistent practice.  This is one of my favorite mini-workshops to unpack because there are SO MANY different tips and tricks to explore.  Join me for this fun, playful session in discovering your way to floating!

May 17 – Peek into Intermediate Series aka Nadi Shodana: Do you ever catch yourself wondering about what comes next?  Out of the 6 series in the Ashtanga lineage, most of us will experience the Primary series and maybe get a taste of the Intermediate series.  The Intermediate series translates to Nadi Shodana, which means nerve cleansing.  It is said to be for “teachers”, but I believe it’s for all students to explore.  Let your curious mind go wild as we investigate several areas of this series with mindfulness and a playful heart.

Aug 16 – The 7 Headstands: The Intermediate series is challenging in its own right and super fun in other ways to experience.  It ends with 7 headstands that are a prerequisite to 3rd series aka Stirha Bagha.


10:00-12:30 pm


Body Electric Yoga
3015 7th St. North
St. Petersburg, FL 33704

Your investment

$1000 Series/ $150 individual (in-person & virtual)

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