Yoga Teacher Training, Sacred Jade Yoga

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Ashtanga Training Intensive

Want to expand your knowledge and curiosity of the Ashtanga yoga method? There’s so much excitement when it comes to immersing yourself as a student. This Ashtanga Training Intensive is open to dedicated teachers and students with an established Ashtanga practice as well as those curious about learning this style and method of yoga.

This training is about going further into the art of practice, anatomy, adjustments, vinyasa count, pranayama practices, holding space and living your yoga. Join this 100hr learning platform that invites open discussion and shared experiences as well as group work.

What you’ll learn

The Heart of Yoga 
When the breath is calm we are able to control our inner state of arousal and bring the body and mind to a place of stillness. With this stillness, we’re able to pinpoint the mind on what it is we want to do and then execute.

Begin Again 
Unfold the structure in which you already know and piece it back together through a new lens. We begin from the core of what holds our movement practices together. Then slowly work our way from the internal to the external, the external to the internal, and continue the ebb and flow between the two. It’s about finding our center, what grounds us in our physical space and tapping into the power of subtly.

Grounded in Asana 
Understanding what it means to be grounded in asana will give you a solid foundation of good alignment, an understanding of body mechanics, and tangible training in mindfulness.

The Ritual of Vinyasa
Train your brain for the traditional Sanskrit vinyasa count. This insight offers an open door into the ritual of vinyasa and why it is woven throughout the practice from beginning to end.

Mapping the Series 
We can’t always see clearly through the fog. Ashtanga yoga can seem very complex, however, it is actually quite simple if we can see the map. Each series is laid out in a particular sequential order, which is quite brilliant in the learning process of it all. Discover the “why” of each asana and “how” it ties into other postures later in the series, rather than getting hung up on “what” we are doing.

Yoga Chikitsa 
The Primary Series of Ashtanga is the foundation for all the other series that follow. It’s a form of therapy that requires your undivided attention to the Self. It incorporates every articulation of every joint in your entire body. This series is structured with a specific sequence of poses to prepare the body, both physically and mentally for the journey ahead. Are you ready to learn about it?

Nadi Shodhana 
Just as the Primary series pulls and twists your physical body, the Intermediate series pulls and twists your nervous system and the energy channels that run throughout the body- the nadis. Deepen your understanding of how taming the nervous system can help soften our outlook on life. Consider it a profound internal cleanse of deeply rooted patterns.

Spirals and the Spine 
Explore how to unlock the spirals within the body to free up movement around the spine. There is so much to learn from strength, softness, opening, vertebral movement, mobility, dristi, prana, and breath. More freedom within the entirety of our physical space can contribute to a happier, healthier life.


The course is delivered over 2 intensive weekends, each consisting of 4 days (Friday-Monday) equalling 100 CEUs. The dates of the 2 weekends are as follows:

  • Fri October 14 – Mon October 17, 2022
  • Fri November 11 – Mon November 14, 2022


Friday – Sunday (The Body Electric Athletic Company)
8:30-10:30 Practice
12:30-4:30 Lecture, Pranayama, Adjustments Clinic, Anatomy

Monday (The Body Electric Yoga Company)
6:30-8:30am Sangha Mysore Practice


Friday – Sunday
Body Electric Athletic
665 31st St. South
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Body Electric Yoga
3015 7th St. North
St. Petersburg, FL 33704

Your investment

  • Full Tuition: $1250
  • Deposit: $350 due by September 15, 2022 to hold your space
  • Modules not sold separately
  • Space limited to 20 participants – reserve now!

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